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10 Most Famous Australian Gemstones

What are Australian gemstones?

Many types of opals, sapphires, and diamonds can be found in Australia. Opals come from two major sources: Lightning Ridge for black and semi-black opal, and Coober Pedy for white and light opal. 

Other precious gems such as sapphire, tourmaline, topaz, amethyst, garnet, chrysoberyl cat’s eye, spinel, peridot and zircon are also found in Australia. Diamonds are abundant too with many being mined from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. 

The Argyle mine produces the majority of diamonds in Australia, with many being pink or champagne colored. Such gems are highly sought after and valuable.

10 Top Most Famous Australian Gemstones

  1. Sapphires: Blue sapphires from Australia are known for their intense, vibrant colour and clarity, making them one of the most sought after gemstones in the world. They are mined primarily in Queensland and New South Wales.
  2. Opals: Australia is renowned for its unique type of opal called “black opal” that displays a deep black base with multicoloured flashes of light. It is found mainly in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales and Mintabie, South Australia.
  3. Diamonds: While diamonds can be found all over the world, some of the finest quality diamonds come from Western Australia’s Argyle diamond mine. These rare pink and red diamonds have become extremely popular in the last few decades.
  4. Topaz: The vivid blue topaz found in Australia is often cut into delicate and elegant shapes, perfect for jewellery. It can be mined from central Queensland and New South Wales.
  5. Peridot: This lime-green gemstone is often sought after due to its rarity. It can be found around Perth and Broome in Western Australia, as well as throughout Northern Territory and parts of Victoria.
  6. Zircon: Popular in Victorian era jewellery, zircon has a range of vibrant colours ranging from pure white to yellow to intense reds and oranges, depending on where it is sourced from in Australia. It can mainly be mined from Victoria and Tasmania.
  7. Agate: This type of gemstone is found on the beaches of Western Australia, around Geraldton and Shark Bay.
  8. Amethyst: The rich purple colour of amethyst makes it a popular choice amongst collectors and jewellery designers alike. It can be mined from several locations throughout New South Wales, near Dubbo and Coonabarabran.
  9. Turquoise: Associated with both beauty and protection, turquoise can often be found in the Northern Territory due to its dry climate that helps preserve this delicate stone over time.
  10. Coral: This gemstone is found in the shallow waters of Cairns and Great Barrier Reef, as well as near Western Australia’s Shark Bay. It can come in many different colours, from deep reds to bright oranges and pinks.

Where do Australian gemstones come from?

Australian gemstones come from several different locations across the country, ranging from small deposits in Western Australia to large-scale mines in the Northern Territory. The most significant sources of Australian gemstones are located in Western Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales. Some of the gems found in these areas include opal, sapphire, diamond, topaz, garnet, and zircon. 

In addition to being mined commercially, many Australian gemstones have been discovered in sedimentary rocks across various parts of the continent. These deposits often contain a variety of rarer cuts and colors which can offer unique features for jewelry makers.

How are Australian gemstones mined?

Australia is known for its unique and exquisite gemstones, which are mined from several locations across the continent. The process of mining Australian gemstones involves technically sophisticated and advanced machinery, including drills, excavators, and explosives. 

Miners work tirelessly to extract these precious stones from deep within the earth’s crust. Gemstone mining in Australia has significant benefits for the country, including the creation of jobs, boosting the economy, and providing gems for the jewelry industry. Additionally, the mining of gemstones can also help to support local communities, as it encourages growth and development. 


In conclusion, the incredible beauty and value of Australian gemstones makes them an ideal choice for those looking for a luxurious experience. With so many amazing types of stones to choose from, such as sapphires, boulder opals, chrysoprase, pink spinel and more, it’s easy to find the perfect gemstone to enhance or complement any style. 

Each type of stone has its own unique color and texture, making them a great way to add some personal style or flair to any outfit or jewelry collection. Plus, purchasing a piece of Australian gemstone jewelry helps support local artisans who continue to maintain Australia’s rich mining heritage. Investing in Australian gems for your home or wardrobe supports regional industries & businesses every day, making it a worthwhile expense.




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