Can You Put Gemstones In A Fish Tank?


Aquariums are popular places to keep a variety of pets. Whereas most individuals associate aquariums with fish, a glass tank could be used to house a variety of reptiles, amphibians, as well as some mammals.

And, just like your own home, you want your pet’s living space to have a welcoming appearance and feel. Aquarium gravel, river rock, or natural stone purchased from a pet store will suffice but will not always provide the splash of color – or natural look – that most people prefer. So, can polished stones be used in an aquarium?

What Polished Stone Can Be Used In Aquariums?

When determining whether you can put polished stones in a fresh-water aquarium, consider the type of rocks you have and whether they contain any inclusions or additional minerals that could harm your pet.

Quartz and jasper specimens are the most popular types of tumbled stones. Because they are hard stones with very little added mineral content, they are generally aquarium safe. There are, however, exceptions to the rule. 

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Get Variety From Crystalline Quartz 

Choose rock crystals, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, and Smokey quartz for your aquarium. It is critical to understand which gems should not be placed in water since some are hazardous when used in this way.

For instance, Tiger’s Eye may contain asbestos, increasing the toughness of the water and, as a result, affecting the fish. To be secured, instantly place a clear quartz crystal in a filtered water pitcher.

Invest In Jade

Jade is an excellent choice for adding rich color to your tank. It could be found in either jadeite or nephrite, two dense green stones. Nephrite is a magnesium and calcium silicate, whereas jadeite is an aluminum and sodium silicate.

The chemical composition and crystalline structure of each differ. On the other hand, these gems contain microscopic crystals firmly united to make a compact aggregate.

Cryptocrystalline Quartz Aquarium Safe Stones

When searching for the best kinds of aqua-safe stones, Cryptocrystalline Quartz is one of the most secure choices you could end up making.

This is one of the few entirely natural and safe stones for your fish to live on. It is a mineral combination and a hard stone in various forms.

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Amethyst Is A Famous Stone To Include In A Tank

Amethyst is an excellent stone for dividing a tank into distinct sections. The best thing about these aquariums is that they create a sense of separation and force you to think differently.

Amethyst is a quartz gemstone with a beautiful red, purple, or blue color. This makes it among the finest minerals for separating up a tank, as it gives the perception that each section has a different environment. A further reason amethyst is used as an aquarium divider is how simple it is to clean.

If your tank has a lot of algae, goldfish waste, and other debris, cleaning it will be extremely difficult. These stones are very easy to clean and will keep your fish in good health during their stay in the tank.

Rose Quartz, for example, can add a loving touch of pink to any setting. Tourmalinated Quartz has the clean appearance of clear quartz with a few dashes of black tourmaline scattered throughout each stone.

Apricot Quartz is a great way to give your tank an orange and yellow look. Jasper is another excellent choice for giving your pet’s environment a more natural appearance.

The following are some of the most prevalent Jasper polished stones for aquariums:

  • Jasper brecciated
  • Jasper Rainbow
  • Fancy Jasper
  • Jasper, Red
  • Jasper Mookaite
  • Jasper, Yellow
  • Jasper Polychrome (Desert)

Another type of Jasper to avoid is Dalmatian jasper, which contains a high aluminium concentration.

Getting The Gemstones Ready For Aquarium Use

After you’ve decided on the gemstones for your aquascape, you’ll need to prepare them properly before adding them to the tank. To begin, clean the stones.

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They must be washed thoroughly and scrubbed in fresh water with a bristle brush. No chemical cleaners must be used during the procedure, as this could leave a toxic residue in your fish tank and contaminate it.

After intensely scrubbing away the dirt and grime, you could sterilise the stones by boiling them or soaking them in diluted bleach. For porous stones, use a bleach solution.

On the other hand, gemstones such as jade and crystalline quartz should be boiled for about 20 minutes and let cool for a minimum of two hours. You could safely add the stones to your aquarium once they have cooled down.

Whereas these gemstones are secured to keep in your tank, it is essential to remember that not all gemstones are the same. Fluorite, calcite, and pyrite, for example, should never be included because these metal stones dissolve and affect the alkalinity and hardness of the water. The fish and the tank will suffer as a result. The key is to select chemically safe tumbled stones, which are safer than raw gems.

So, can you put gemstones in a fish tank? In most cases, the answer is emphatic “yes.”

Can You Put Gemstones In A Fish Tank?

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