Lab-Grown Diamonds Vs. Earth-Mined Diamonds

 Lab-Grown Diamonds Vs. Earth-Mined Diamonds-GEMSTONES-UNIVERSE

The Difference Between Lab Grown Diamonds and Earth Mined Diamonds

The difference between lab-grown diamonds vs. Earth-mined diamonds has been ongoing for some time now. Both have pros and cons, and it can take time to make an informed decision when shopping for a diamond.

In this blog post, we will look at the differences between lab-grown diamonds and Earth-mined diamonds and discuss which one might be the best option for you.


When it comes to the composition of lab-grown diamonds and Earth mined diamonds, the only difference is their origin. Lab grown diamonds are created in a laboratory environment by replicating the conditions that cause natural diamond formation. The same element – carbon – is used to create both lab grown and Earth mined diamonds.

However, the process of creation is different. Earth mined diamonds are formed over millions of years due to heat and pressure within the Earth’s mantle, while lab grown diamonds are created by exposing pure carbon to extremely high temperatures and pressures. This produces a similar composition and structure as an earth-mined diamond but in a much shorter time frame.

The differences in the origin of lab grown and Earth mined diamonds can also result in small differences in the chemical composition.

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In general, however, there is very little difference between these two types of diamonds. Both lab grown and Earth mined diamonds contain 99.95% carbon, with the remaining 0.05% made up of trace elements like nitrogen and boron.


When it comes to creating a diamond, both lab-grown and earth-mined diamonds are created under high pressure and extreme heat. But the difference lies in the origin of their creation.

Earth-mined diamonds are formed by the Earth’s natural processes of heating and pressurizing carbon throughout millions of years. Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are grown in a laboratory.

Creating a lab-grown diamond typically begins with a small diamond or graphite. This is placed inside a sealed environment and subjected to high temperatures and immense pressure, replicating the conditions deep within the Earth.

Depending on the process used, this can take weeks to months. The result is a flawless diamond with all the chemical, physical and optical characteristics of an earth-mined diamond.

In summary, while both types of diamonds go through a similar process to form, lab-grown diamonds are grown in a laboratory environment and not naturally within the Earth. They are considered an ethical and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds.


When it comes to quality, both lab grown and Earth mined diamonds are identical. Both consist of the same element, carbon, so their physical and chemical properties are the same.

Lab grown diamonds are subject to the same grading standards as Earth mined diamonds so that they will receive the same quality and clarity grades from laboratories like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

In addition, lab grown diamonds also have the same strength and durability as Earth mined diamonds, and their hardness is the same as well. They have no discernible difference in terms of visual appearance or quality.

However, there is one key factor that sets lab grown diamonds apart from Earth mined diamonds in terms of quality: ethical sourcing. Lab grown diamonds are 100% ethically sourced and conflict-free.

They are not associated with human rights abuses or environmental destruction, whereas many Earth mined diamonds are associated with these issues. Therefore, when it comes to quality, lab grown diamonds provide a higher assurance of ethical practices.


When considering lab grown diamonds vs. Earth mined diamonds, it is important to look at their characteristics and how they differ.

Lab grown diamonds are typically known for their unique shapes and sizes. These diamonds can be cut and polished in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for more creative freedom. Because of their relatively recent production, many lab-grown diamonds are also conflict-free.

Earth mined diamonds are typically found in their natural shape and color, unlike lab-grown diamonds, which can be manipulated.

Many people prefer the traditional cut of Earth mined diamonds due to the deep history they carry with them. Earth mined diamonds are usually associated with romance and sentimentality.

In terms of physical properties, both types of diamonds have the same chemical composition, making them virtually indistinguishable.

However, lab grown diamonds can be more affordable since they are produced in a laboratory and not dug out of the ground. Additionally, Earth mined diamonds have often been treated with chemicals to enhance their clarity and color.

In conclusion, when it comes to lab grown diamond vs. Earth mined diamond characteristics, both have their advantages and disadvantages. It ultimately depends on the individual’s preference and budget.


When it comes to pricing, lab grown diamonds and Earth mined diamonds can have significant price differences. Lab grown diamonds tend to be less expensive than their Earth mined counterparts.

This is largely due to the cost of mining and labor required to extract diamonds from the Earth. Lab grown diamonds are produced using advanced technology, so the cost of production is lower, and these savings are usually passed on to the consumer.

Lab grown diamonds come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and qualities, so there is often a wider range of prices for them than for Earth mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds’ prices also vary depending on where you purchase them, and there are usually discounts available from major retailers.

In addition, since lab grown diamonds are becoming more popular and mainstream, many retailers have begun offering lab-grown jewelry at a lower cost than Earth mined diamond jewelry.

When it comes to assessing the overall price difference between lab grown diamonds and Earth mined diamonds, there is no definitive answer.

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In general, however, lab grown diamonds offer greater value for the money than their earth mined counterparts. Lab-grown diamonds may be the perfect choice if you’re looking for quality and affordability.


In conclusion, the debate between lab-grown diamonds and Earth mined diamonds continues. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which is the better option for your needs. Both types of diamonds have advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to consider all aspects when deciding.

Lab-grown diamonds are typically cheaper and offer a more sustainable option. However, some differences in quality and characteristics can affect the stone’s overall value. Earth mined diamonds are typically higher in quality and come with a sense of authenticity and history.

No matter what type of diamond you choose, buy from a reputable source that offers certification to ensure that your diamond is genuine.

 Lab-Grown Diamonds Vs. Earth-Mined Diamonds

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