The 15 Best Crystals For Protection, According To Crystal Experts

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What are crystals?

We all know crystals occur naturally as a solid. All of them have repetitive arrangements of atoms and molecule in a specific geometric patterns. All are formed with a process called “crystallization”.

They are found in various minerals, rocks and in organic materials. All are come in various shapes, sizes, colors, properties, and characteristics. Some of the crystals names are amethysts, Quartz, citrine, selenite, rose quartz, etc. There are countless of crystals available on this planet.

Crystals are used by our ancestor as they embrace their beauty, healing and spiritual powers. Many people actually believes that crystals can align and balance the emotional and spiritual affect on the body.

Top 15 Best Crystals For Protection, According To Crystal Experts

#1. Amethysts

This stone is known for its stress relieving ability to bring clear focus on thoughts. It will help the wearer to protect from the negative energy and be safe guard from the external influence and maintain a emotional balance.

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#2. Citrine

It is known for reducing stress, clearing mental health, boosting energy by providing a calm and peaceful mind. It allows to give relieve from bad dreams and give you a restful sleep. Citrine is also beneficial in treating diseases by balancing the chemical imbalances.

#3. Spirit Quartz

If you want to create your Aura or want to strengthen it then Spirit Quartz is the best for you. People sometimes call it cactus quartz and fairy quartz. This crystal surely will help you in protecting from ill-wishing and negative energies that try to stop your arising Aura.

#4. Black Obsidian

This is a powerful stones that provides you psychic protections and spiritual cleansing. It gives you a shield to stop the negative energies of ill fortune, sorcery, fixation, etc. It basically absorbs all the negative energies flowing around you from the environment.

#5. Moonstone

It’s soothing and calming properties will help you to focus and aware to increase the psychic power. It is known as the celestial ruler of the night sky. You can clean and recharge the moonstone by simply just keeping in under the full moon light, also will strengthen its protection shield.

#6. Opal

Opal reflects and all the negative energies away from you. It is one of the best stone that absorbs negative energies and reflects clear thoughts and pure emotions.

#7. Rose Quartz

It is known as the “self-love” stone. It is used by the people for increasing love and gentleness. Also there is one thing that makes it the best stone for protection that it is directly converts negative energy into positive energy. If you are suffering from relationship challenges and heart breaks then you can wear this stone to manifest love around you.

#8. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stunning stone because of deep blue in color with some golden shades in it. It is one of the best stone when we thing of top crystals for protection considered by people in their daily life. Since our ancient times, it has been used for the benefits of its mystical properties and spirituality. It creates an protective layer around your Aura to prevent you from negative energy and psychic attacks by providing you sense of self-awareness and calm.

#9. Smoky Quartz

This crystals comes in nature from smoky brown to black colors. It is believed to absorbs negative energies and emotions and bring you a sense of clarity and calmness to you. It is beneficial for people with stress, anxiety and depression as it give them a balanced state of mind.

#10. Shungite

This stone has been got popular in recent times. It is also a great stones which can be used for protection. It is a black color stone. It is believed that it has best healing and purifying properties due its carbon rich nature. You can wear this stone against all all the negative energies related to psychic attacks and harmful evil eyes. This will overall balance the sense of stability of you.

#11. Hematite

This crystal comes in nature in grey-black colors with a shiny surface. When the wearer wears this crystal and it makes a protective shield around the wearer’s body. The shield of Hematite prevent all the negative energies from entering into the Aura.

It will surely provide you metal clarity, concentration and focus. You may also use it for getting best results in spiritual and meditation practices and also with some additional benefits like stable emotional state in stress and anxiety.

#12. Black Onyx

It is a powerful stone that absorbs most of the negative energies in the surrounding of the wearer. Black onyx helps in activating emotional and mental stability by reducing anxiety, fear, and stress. This is also best to increase your intuition, self control, and will power.

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#13. Labradorite

Its a wonderful stone with lots of play of colors. The colors ranges from blue to green to purple in colors. It is highly recommended to people in need of psychic and spiritual protection. This stone is known as the “stone of magic” because it provides the wearer shield against all the negative energies, psychic attacks, and harmful influences. Labradorite also best for strengthening Aura.

#14. Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline crystals are available in diverse range of colors. It comes in colors like black, brown, green, pink, etc. People finds it as a grounding stone because it helps to repel and remove negative energies from the surrounding. Black Tourmaline provides emotional, mental and spiritual clarity with a strong focus.

#15. Black Obsidian

It is one of the best protection and spiritual cleansing crystal for people. This crystal looks like a volcanic glass in real life. Black Obsidian has an smooth and a dark black appearance.

It absorbs all the negative energy in the surrounding of the wearer. Basically it finds the energy blockages, life traumas to purify the Aura. This stone also transfers the earth’s energy into our body system to increase the sense of stability and security.

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The 15 Best Crystals For Protection, According To Crystal Experts

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