What Is Zultanite Gemstone?

What Is Zultanite Gemstone


Lets start with the history of Zultanite. The Diaspore mineral was discovered in 1801. The high quality gems of this mineral were said to be “Zultanite”.

The name “Diaspore” has came from the Greek word “Diasporea” which means “Dispersion” This stone is very rare  among all the found in the gemstones Universe. It has higher amount of manganese present in it.

The name Zultanite is named in the honor given to 36 Sultans who ruled the Ottoman Empire in the 13th century.

What Colour Is Zultanite - gemstones universe

It’s color varies from yellow to green to gold to purple to pink. Zultanite changes its color into greenish in natural lighting and in artificial light it can change its color from pinkish to red colors.

How To Care Zultanite Gemstone?

It is not easy to protect this stone. If you ever thought of cleaning this beauty then use mild chemical soap and wash it with Luke warm water. After cleaning it you can wash it with a soft cloth.

Always keep it away from high heat, and chemicals. Keep it in a jewelry box after wearing it, so that scratches on the Zultanite stone can be avoided easily.

You should keep your zultanite stone or zultanite jewelry box. Do not let zultanite come in direct contact with other stones like diamond, emerald or sapphires.

Avoid it wearing while doing physical work or working with sharp objects.

It is only mined in Turkey and is mined on the Anatolian Mountains of Turkey. You will not find a single Zultanite gemstone mines anywhere in the world. The mine is located in the Selimiye village.

What Is Zultanite Gemstone?

What Is Zultanite Gemstone - gemstonesuniverse

Zultanite is not a gem, it is a gem variety. This gem belongs to the diaspore mineral. This gem is known with many names likes Kayserit, Empholith and Tanatarit. It has hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the mohs scale.

One of the fascinating thing about this stone is that it changes it’s colors with the change of light on it. We can see the color changes from kiwi green to raspberry red colors.

It is also one of the hardest stone because it is hard to grind. Large slabs of this gemstone are also quite rare to find. Sometimes Zultanite stone looks like Alexandarite due to the change of colors.

This stone is quite expensive but its value is increased only with the strong in colors change. We know that this gemstone is hard to cut and therefore only 2% gemstones turned into crystals.

And the second reason of its high price could be the small production and the demand is high in the market. A high quality Zultanite stone of 1carat can be sold upto $250, 3 carat can be sold upto $450 and 10 carat stone can be sold upto $1000.

It is known to soothe our mind and its healing energies can help you in treating memory loss. Zultanite contains manganese,, iron, chromium and, titanium

What Is Zultanite Gemstone?

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