When To Wear Pearl Gemstone?

When To Wear Pearl Gemstone

Introduction To Pearl

The best thing about wearing a pearl gemstone is that it does not cause any harm to the wearer. This gemstone is for everyone, it can be worn by anyone and its positive powers are exhausted.

We all are aware of the fact that it has always been a symbol of luxury and prosperity. Pearls have never gone out of fashion in any era. Pearls are known to bestow peace, courage and confidence to the wearer of the stone.

What Are The Benefits of Pearl Gemstone?

It is also best for people going through problems like depression, mental illness, emotionally unwell, due to its calming power it controls these errors in the human body.

This stone is full of positive powers and courage, kindness, psyche who hold this beauty. It creates a desire to travel and explore the whole world.

Pearl is known as the ruling planet of sentimentality in the world of astrology. It basically strengthens the feelings of the wearer by providing peace in his horoscope.

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What Are The Qualities Of A Pearl?

Pearls are made in irregular shapes and round shaped pearls are quite rare. 100% genuine natural pearls have a shiny surface that can reflect the image of surrounding objects. You should not use dyes or other chemicals on it otherwise it may lose its luster. A natural pearl look in black and white.

Naturally occurring pearls are extremely rare. 100% genuine pearl is made from calcium carbonate and do not immerse it in vinegar or else it will dissolve in it. There are many artificially colored pears

When To Wear Pearl Gemstone?

It is recommended to be worn on any Monday morning, especially during the time of Shukla Paksha, and the last finger would be the best for its maximum benefits.

The weight of the pearl you are going to wear should not be less than 5 carats. Silver metal is considered to be pearl’s best friend. The pearl ring should be worn on the little finger of the right hand before sunrise on Monday morning.

Who can wear Pearl Gemstone ?

Moti Gemstone is specially worn by the people of Sagittarius, Pisces and Leo zodiac. It is the birth stone of the month of June. This stone has the power of Moon.

It is recommended for those people who have bad attitude and who have lost all hope of their life. Most of the mothers gift pearl jewelry for their children to wear, so that they never fall ill. A mother should give pearls to children below 12 years of age for their best remarkable results.

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How Do You Activate Pearl Gems?

  • You can dip pearls or pearl jewelry in milk, gangajal or honey
  • Now let it soak for about 15-25 minutes
  • Now in this time you have to chant the mantra “O Sumaye Namah” or “A Chandraya Namah”.
  • Now you can remove the soaked beads.
  • Now please wear the activated pearl gem in your finger.

The Last Word

Through its positive powers, it regenerates the lost confidence of the wearer and allows them to express themselves freely. This is the reason why many eminent counselors, public speakers, doctors, psychologists carry pearls with them at all times.

Now you must have come to know that when the pearl gem which is on Monday should be worn. Hope this blog has helped you in solving your queries.

When To Wear Pearl Gemstone?

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