Where Are Gemstones Found In India?

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Nowadays, our gemologists and geologists have the better understanding of gems belts and deposits of gemstones. Gemstones deposits are valuable for both gemstones lovers and gemstones sellers. In India, the mining is done in only in some areas even though the deposits of gemstones are at many places.

The southern states of India like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are popular for mining some of the best gemstones. Garnet, Iolite, Sapphire, Aquamarine, Sunstone, Moonstone, are some of the stones which are mine mostly.

Where Are Gemstones Found In India?

In the old time, India was the only producer of diamond. At that time, there was no other country where they were found. If we see in history, there were only some countries where gemstones used to produce. But with technology, we have achieved many places to produce them. By using the technology, Our gemologists have found many deposits of gemstones in India. Following are the locations to where are gemstones found in India, have a look now:

Tamil Nadu

Gemstones Which are found in this place are Ruby, moonstone, Sapphire, Alexandrite , cat’s eye, Aquamarine, Emerald, quartz , iolite, sphene, and zircon.

Rubies found here have purple red to deep red colors. The cat’s eye and sunstone is available in colors that varies from brown to pure orange.

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Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh

Gemstones which are found in these areas are diamond, Ruby, alexandrite, garnet, aquamarine, yellow beryl, amethyst, and  yellow-green tourmaline. The color of diamond found here varies from colorless to brown to yellow. Gemstones found here have 0.01 ct to 9ct.

Ruby is found in Chhattisgarh and have color from pink red to purple red. And the alexandrite is available in yellow green to purple red color.

Jammu & Kashmir

Various stones are found in jammu and kashmir such as Ruby, Kyanite, Blue sapphire, and Beryl. You can find these in the Kudi valley. The color of blue sapphire found here varies from a white to transparent deep in blue color.


Gemstones found here such as Garnet, Beryl, emerald, aquamarine, Rock crystal, amethyst, fluorite, aventurine quartz, vesuvianite , fluorite, sodalite, and orthoclase feldspar.

They are present in all varieties few carats to large stones. You can find the deposits of these gems at places like Chittorgarh, Tonk, Ajmer,  and Bhilwara.

Here you will find low quality emerald gemstones and the Aquamarine has color varies from transparent to greenish color. Emerald and Aquamarine deposits can be found in Ajmer, Tonk, and Udaipur.


The stone ruby is mined in Subramanya and Channapatna  which is located near Madikeri in the Karnataka state. The mining of rubies is done with ancient methods.

At these places the high quality ruby gemstones are found. Various colors of ruby can be seen in these regions. These hill stations are covered with greenery and forests. Lighter and transparent quality of ruby gemstones are mined.

In these beautiful places, there are big hexagonal pillars were mined in the past. And the deposits of ruby can be seen in the nearby villages. In Bangalore which also comes in Karnataka state where opaque ruby is mined sometimes. They were found in red and yellow soils.

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Ruby’s color is varies from deep purple to pink to red in color. And the Sapphire is ranges from opaque to blue in colors. Gemstones found in Karnataka are Ruby, Sapphire, Feldspar, quartz , kyanite, hawk’s eye,  pyrope-almandine garnet, tiger’s eye, iolite, sillimanite, tourmaline, beryl, and diopside.


In the Kerala region fine quality of Alexandrite and Cat’s eye is available. The deposits of stones is available at the border of Tamil Nadu. Other gemstones which are found in Kerala are Cat’s eye, alexandrite, ruby & sapphire, topaz, quartz , and Aquamarine.

Andhra Pradesh

In this state, you will find wide varieties of cat’s eye stone which ranges from yellow to olive green to blue green. The cat’s eye comes in 1ct to 20cts. Alexandrite stone is the also the specialty of this place which ranges from blue green to brown red to pink red and available in 1ct to 10cts. Ruby is also found in the land of Andhra Pradesh which ranges from pink to red to black red colors.

Gemstones available at this area are cat’s eye, Alexandrite, Ruby, Diamond, iolite, spinel, tourmaline, garnet, amethyst, sillimanite, and quartz.

Bihar and Jharkhand

In Bihar and Jharkhand you will find stones like Labradorite, Tourmaline, epidote , sunstone, cat’s eye, beryl and diopside. The Sunstone and Labradorite are found in transparent color to opaque and has blue play of colors.


This states is known as the major source of gemstones in the whole India. Here you will found gems such as Ruby, Sapphire, Cat’s eye, Beryl, Alexandrite, Garnet, apatite, Iolite, tourmaline, feldspar, topaz, sillimanite, quartz , and spinel.

The color of ruby is varies from brown red to purple red and the sapphire is available in brown, blue and yellow in colors. Cat’s eye colors goes from green, brown green, yellow green, and honey gold.

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Alexandrite colors varies from blue green to red brown to yellow green to pink red to green. The Beryl colors ranges from green to yellow to blue.

The Last Words

Now we know that the high quality of rubies are mined in the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu States of India. Transparent to dark colors stones are mined in it. In India, Different states provide variety of gemstones and the quality is also not similar. This country is a hub of all kinds of gemstones whether is a precious or semi-precious ones.

Where Are Gemstones Found In India?

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