Where Can I Find Gemstones in Alabama?

Where Can I Find Gemstones in Alabama-GEMSTONES-UNIVERSE


Alabama is rich because of their history, cultural heritage, natural beauty, and like we all know, a great place for exploring gemstones and rocks. This states is famous for its wide range of deposits existed in the surface which includes minerals, gemstones (precious and semi-precious). Its surface is filled with resources due to their favourable climate available.

Alabama is rich state filled with lots of minerals and rocks under it’s crust. It is divided into two part one is northen part which is consists of mountanous plain and Southern part have flat coastal plain. The surface of northen part mainly made from rocks like slate, marble, phyllite, schist, quartzite, etc. And the southern part has resources of high quality gemstones and minerals. Gold can also be found in alabama.

So, where exactly can you find gemstones in alabama?, In this blog We are going to explore all the locations of Alabama where you can easily find gems. Our list also includes some of the famous gems hunting places.

Where Can I Find Gemstones in Alabama?

1. The Little River Canyon National Preserve

This place is located in the northernestern part of the Alabama state. It is popular among the rockhounds and gemstones hunters. You can find deposits of minerals like quartz, feldspar, mica, garnet, etc, avalaible in a large quantity.

Garnet gemstones is very common and found on the banks of the little river canyon in variety of colors such as red, yellow and green. Whereas Quartz are found in the little river canyon. Quartz crystals of this place are well known for their clarity and beauty.

2. The Quartz Mountain Nature Park

This location is located in the southeastern part of the Alabama state. This is also another famous place for hunting minerals and gemstones. In this Natur park you can find preserves of quartz crystals in a large quantiy and in different colors like clear, smoky, and amethyst. Other than Quartz crystals, you will encounter with mica and feldser. Mica is a mineral and has very unique properties like its ability to convert itself into thin and transparent sheets.

3. The W.L. Tolbert Museum and Rock Garden

This place is situated in the central part of the Alabama state. And is famous for exploring the geological history. This museum has a big collection of gemstones, rocks and minerals which includes quartz, garnet, mica, etc.

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Other than the w.l tolbert museum, you can explore the rock garden for some amazing variety of rocks and minerals which are collected accross the state. Rock garden is a home of information of variety of rocks, gemstones and minerals which are found accross the Alabama state. You can also closely see the some of the rarest beauty of the Alabama state.

4. The Bankhead National Forest

This place is located in the northerneastern part of the Alabama state. This also a home for finding the variety of rockhound and gemstones hunter. In this forest you may find minerals like mica, feldspar, garnet and much more.


Some of the best places to find gemstones in Alabama are Rockford, Alexander city, Ashland, Erin, Tuscaloosa, etc.

Where Can I Find Gemstones in Alabama?

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