Where to Buy Gemstones in the USA?

Where to Buy Gemstones in the USA - GEMSTONES UNIVERSE

Have you ever considered becoming a real-life treasure hunter? After all, what could be more thrilling than locating your valuable gemstones in the USA?

But how do you go about doing so? Never fear. We’re here to assist! We’ll tell you where to find gemstones in the United States. And we’ll tell you everything you need to know to prepare for your search.

Because some gemstones are mined in the United States, it is an excellent place to buy them. However, the prices are always inflated.

You can get an excellent certified gemstone online from the comfort of your home and visit multiple stores simultaneously to compare prices and quality. Always get your gemstone certified by a Government Lab because they have a governing body, and sellers cannot dupe you.

The beauty of gemstones is diverse, and many stones are available in a stunning array of colours. In their natural state, most gems are unappealing. They may appear to be ordinary rocks or pebbles. Full colour and lustre can be observed after a competent cutting and sharpening such a gem.

So, if you’re up for a gemstone adventure, take this step. Now let’s see where to find gemstones in usa.

Where to Buy Gemstones in the USA?

1. Jade Cove Trail, Big Sur, California’s

If you enjoy taking in beautiful views while searching for gems, Big Sur’s Jade Cove Trail might be suitable for you.

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Hikers and dog walkers come from miles around to enjoy the green cliffs that neglect a dramatic seascape. However, if you look down, you may notice pieces of jade, a beautiful green stone that has been prized for centuries. Since this is a safe area, you must follow rock hunting rules. You’ll be fine if you don’t dig for rocks or pick up anything beyond the mean storm surge line.

2. Philipsburg, Montana’s Gem Mountain Sapphire Mine

The Gem Mountain Sapphire Mine, situated in the beautiful state of Montana, is among the oldest in the United States. It opened its shutters in 1892, and you can undertake your gem search there.

Guides are available to assist, and all necessary equipment is available on-site. Wash the gravel and look for sapphires on your own. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, or buy an apron at the mine.

3. Hiddenite, North California’s Emerald Hollow Mine

If emeralds, the May birthstone, are your thing, go to Emerald Hollow Mine in North California. The world’s only emerald mine allows you to attend to the fun by searching for your stones.

It is found in Hiddenite, which is rich in gemstones. Along with emeralds, you might come across tourmaline, sapphire, amethyst, topaz, citrine, sapphire, aquamarine, or garnet. There’s even Hiddenite, a rare gemstone discovered only in a few locations worldwide.

4. Oceanview Mine is located in San Diego County, California.

When you visit San Diego’s Oceanview Mine, you can combine prospecting with a tour of the mineworkers. Tourmaline, kunzite, and morganite are among the gemstones discovered here.

Your pass would then provide you with everything you require for your hunt. Buckets, shovels, water, and screens are all required. You’ll have four hours to sort through a pile of mine dirt and gravel and retain whatever you find. Each dig day begins at 11 a.m. Arrive by 10.30 a.m. to allow time for payment and paperwork before driving to the starting point.

5. Stuart, Virginia’s Fairy Stone State Park

Why not prospect for fairy stones if you’re looking for something different? These incredible cross-shaped stone crystals can only be found in a few places.

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According to legend, they were formed from the tears of fairies upon learning of the Crucifixion, hence the crosses. They’re thought to bring good luck and were reportedly carried by presidents Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt.

6. Denio, Nevada’s Royal Peacock Opal Mine

The Royal Peacock Opal Mine in Denio has been open to the public since 1981. For a fee, you can search for opals of all colours, including black, lemon, moss, white, and crystal. It’s also the only place to find fluorescent opals, which glow green when exposed to black light.

Hard hats, shoe covers, and safety glasses are needed, and you could rent them from the shop. Picks, shovels, and rakes can also be rented. However, you should bring only what you need because space is limited.

7. St. Johnsville, New York’s Crystal Grove Diamond Mine

The Crystal Grove Diamond Mine in St. Johnsville is a great place to look for Herkimer diamonds. However, once you use your funds to fund early retirement, remember that these “diamonds” are genuinely quartz. But they’re still beautiful.

8. Amelia, Virginia’s Morefield Mine

Morefield Mine is about an hour’s drive from Richmond. You can look for gemstones such as amazonite, amethyst, garnet, topaz, and beryl.

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The mine is 300 feet below ground. The owners use explosives to expand it regularly, so there’s always something new to discover. The site is closed for surveys and expansion regularly. Before you begin your journey, check the website to ensure it is operational.

Where to Buy Gemstones in the USA?

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