Where To Find Gemstones In Los Angeles In The Wild?


Where To Find Gemstones In Los Angeles In The Wild?

It is said that the Los Angeles is “the city of Angels”. This places is a home to many beautiful wonders. It is a must see natural beauty, from the snow capped mountains to sandy beaches. You can explore many places here. Many of you not know that it is a best places to find gemstones in Los Angeles in the wild. There are many places in Los Angeles for hunting stunning gemstones and other minerals. Lets explore them in the blog.

1. Opal Hill Mine

This mine is situated 50 miles from the palm springs. Many types of opal stones can be found in a variety of colors from yellow to orange to red in colors. This mine is famous for forming the beautiful and unique opals. This mine is open to everyone for digging free but you need to pay some amount of money as a entry fees to search for opals.

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You will also get a spot in the mine to do camping, if you want to spend the night in there. Don’t forget to bring your own tools, foods and water for an adventurous searching.

2. Saddleback Butte State Park

You will find this place 25 miles away from Lancaster in the Mojave Desert. It’s a park not a mine. This park is famous for its beautiful desert view. Here, also you can find some popular gemstones like jasper in many colors like red to green to brown. For finding gemstones, you need to do some hike on the hills in the park trails. On the trail, you need to find an rock formation exposed area. Because jasper found in these area, you may use hammer and chisel to crack the rocks. In this park, you will not have the freedom to do what you want like destroying the rocks, cutting the trees, etc. These things are prohibited in this area. But you can extract small pieces of rocks and stones.

3. Santa Monica Mountains

It is a range of some mountains and is situated on the coast of southern California. All the mountains are a beauty of nature and are worth watching. It is also a good place to find gemstones in Los Angeles in the wild. Some of the common gemstone found are serpentine which is available in green to yellow in colors. For finding the gemstones in these mountains, look for a exposed rock formations. You will find this gemstones under these formations by using hammers and chisel to extract it. It is now allowed to collect any minerals from Santa Monica Mountains but a good news for you, you can collect small pieces of stones from the land of park.

4. Angeles National Forest

It is a mega forest in the Los Angeles that covered around 700,000 acres in the San Gabriel Mountains. Thsi forest has beautifuls places like hikinh trails, wildlife, waterfalls and many more. Don’t worry you can find gemstones here too. One of the most common stones found here is quartz and is available in clear to smoky to purple. Here also you need to find exposed rock formations to find the quartz stones. For crushing the rocks, you need to have hammer and chisel.

5. Crystal Lake Recreation Area

This place is popular among the people for fishing, hiking and camping in the san gabriel mountians. You can also find gemstones like garnet, which is also a common stone found here. Deep red garnet is found in Crystal Lake Recreation Area which is a stunning choice for jewelry. For finding these beautiful stones, look for exposed rocks and gravel. You may use gold pan or sieve to shift the gravel for finding the gemstones in the wild.

6. Lake Henshaw

Many of you not know that, it is a reservoir located in the Cleveland National Forest. It is 70 miles away from the San Diego in the northeast side. It has lots of nature beauties and fishing opportunities and also a great place to find rocks and minerals.

One of the common gemstones you will find here is the amazing tourmaline taht is availble in green to pink to black. The same process will follow here to find the gemstones in this reservoir. You need to find exposed rock formations. You may use hammer and chisel as a help. Note that you cannot remove anything or take anything with you from this area.

7. Topanga State Park

This park is located near Santa Monica Mountains. It is famous of its hiking and nature scenes. You can easily find the gemstones here. The common and popular stone found here is agates. The agates found here are comes in multiple colors and patterns. For finding the stones, go on the trails and find a exposed rock formations. Use hammer and chisel to extract the gemstones found the Los Angeles, in the wiild.

8. Red Rock Canyon State Park

This park is situated about 125 miles away from the Los Angeles. It is popular for its colorful rock formations, but also gemstones can be found. The common stone found here is chalcedony and it comes in blue to purple to pink colors. If you want to find this gemstone, go on the trails and find a rock formations. You can easly found stones in exposed rock formations. Use rock hammer and chisel to extract the chalcedony. You can take small pieces of stones to your home.

In Conclusion

Los Angeles can be considered as a great place to find the gemstones in the wild. You can find opals to tourmaline to chalcedony which are available in variety of colors. For fidning the gemstones just look for a right spot. Don’t forget to read the rules of each areas to remove the risks and keeping yourself on the safe side. Best of luck for finding the gemstones in the Los Angeles in the wild.

Where To Find Gemstones In Los Angeles In The Wild?

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