Where To Find Gemstones In Ohio To Kee?

Where To Find Gemstones In Ohio To Kee-GEMSTONES-UNIVERSE

Where To Find Gemstones In Ohio To Kee?

Gemstones are the best fascinating thing in this world. All gems exists with their unique appearance and properties. Ohio is a great place to found them. This place has large amount of deposits. It has some popular places where you can found stones. In this blog, we together will explore “Where To Find Gemstones In Ohio To Kee?” and Which gemstones can be found.

Before diving into the the places in Ohio, lets know things like what gems are and how much is their worth. Gems are nothing but are minerals or rocks. They are cut and polished to use in the jewelry or in other decorative ornaments. The worth of a stone is known by its rarity, durability, and its beauty. The most popular stones are diamonds, sapphire, ruby, emeralds, amethysts, and many others.

Ohio is not the first place when we thought of gemstones. Here are some of the best and popular places where you can search for gemstones:

1. Olentangy Indian Caverns, Delaware

This place is popular for its natural attraction. It is situated in Delaware in the Ohio. The place was used by the Wyandot Indians and later notorious Jesse James to hideout. In this places, you can find gemstones without any restrictions.

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Some of the common stones found here are calcite, pyrite, and aragonite. Calcite and aragonite found in orange, white and yellow in colors. Pyrite stone is also known as the “fool’s gold” and this stone found here is very shiny and metallic, but the amount is small.

2. Caesar Creek State Park, Waynesville

This is a recreational area located in the Waynesville in Ohio. You can do activities like hiking, fishing, camping with also searching for gemstones. Some of the common stones find here includes fluorite, geodes and fossils. You can find geodes in multiple colors and in small sizes, this is also the same case with the fluorite.

3. Pugh Quarry, Custar

Whenever we thought of searching stones in Ohio, this places comes up first in mind. This is also a popular places among explorers.  This places is situated in Custar in Ohio. Pugh Quarry is an abandon places and now open to public. Some of the popular stone found here are Celestine, Calcite and Fluorite. Calcite is found in many colors such as green, blue, and orange. Fluorite found in variety of colors such as purple, blue and green colors.

4. Whetstone River, Crawford County

It is also a popular place for searching stones in Crawford County. This place is known for its fossils and rock formations. Some of the common gemstones are Jasper, Agate and Petrified wood. Agate and Jasper found here are known for their patterns and attractive colors.

5. Deer Creek State Park, Mount Sterling

This is a popular recreational place among the people. The places is situated in the Mount Sterling in Ohio.  Deer Creek State Park is famous for its natural scenery, trails, and also small lakes where fishing can be done. But don’t worry, you can find stones here too.

Some of the common and famous stones found here are agates, geodes, and fossils. Now, some of will say fossils are not comes under the category of gemstones. Many times, people use fossils in jewelry and other decorative products. Fossils found here are available in multiple colors and the agate found here is known for their unique banding patterns.

6. Hocking Hills State Park, Logan

This place is known for its beautiful nature and is situated in the Logan, Ohio. You can see some waterfalls, fishing spots and do camping here. You can search here for stones such as Fossils, minerals, and geodes. There are many minerals like calcite and dolomite can be found here easily.

7. Stonelick State Park Plain

This places also offers exploring programs for visitors to find gemstones. You can find this places in Pleasant plain in Ohio. It is mostly popular for camping, trails and for doing fishing activities. Some of the common stone you can find here is geodes and agates. Geodes found in many colors and sizes and the agate is known for their unique banding patterns.

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8. Lake Erie Beaches

This is the last place in this list for finding stones. And it’s a beach. You may find here unique stones and minerals because the beach is fertile. Some of the common gemstones found here are Jasper, Agate, Beach glass, etc. Most of the people not know that beach glass is made when broken glass is tumbled by the sea waves and sand. All of the stones found here are comes with vibrant colors.


Ohio does not have vast deposits of gemstones and other minerals, but still there are many places to find gemstones, as we have seen in the blog. You may find here Jasper, Agates, Fossils, Geodes and other valuable minerals. Don’t spoil the nature while searching for stones in your journey. We respectful to the environment. Also take proper permits and permission from the authorities before entering the restricted area. Always follow rules and regulations to avoid any trouble with the local police. Best of luck to your journey.

Where To Find Gemstones In Ohio To Kee?

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