Why Wear Gemstone In Left Hand?

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We all have seen people wearing gemstones in different hands and in different fingers, but most of the people do not have any idea which is the correct hand for wearing gemstones?

Hand and fingers also matters with respect to gemstones to get the desired results. Hands can increase or decrease the powers of your gemstone. Thus, it is vital to have the proper knowledge about this topic. So, let’s get dive into this.

Since ancient times, the left hand is considered as destiny hand whereas the right hand is considered as karmic hand. First thing first, gemstones shouldn’t be worn alone in left hand because destiny can’t be changed. If you want to take full advantage of gemstones then you should wear it in your right hand which is karmic hand.

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The Representations Of Fingers In Astrology

  • The thumb represents the Fire element
  • The Index Finger represents the Air element
  • The Middle Finger represents the Ether element
  • the Ring Finger represents the Earth element
  • The Little Finger represents the Water element

Hindu Mythology On Gemstones In Left Hand

Hindu Mythology On Gemstones In Left Hand

In Hinduism, A god’s incarnations happened who was half male and half female. They were depicting masculine and feminine energies, the masculine part was on the right side and the feminine part on the left side.

This is why in Hinduism, males wear gemstones in the right hand and female wear it in the left hand.

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Exception:- Males who are left (do the majority of their work from left hand) may wear the gemstones on the left-hand side.

Females who are facing issues in their relationship are recommended to wear gemstones in their left hand. The finger should be chosen according to the planets marked on one’s palm, which can only be seen by gemologists or astrologers.

Left Hand vs Right Hand ?

The right hand represents the conscious of the mind, whereas the left hand represents the subconscious of the mind. When we wear gemstone in the left hand its creates energies that relate to the subconscious of the mind, on the other hand gemstones in the right hand creates energies that exist in the inner world.

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Why Wear Gemstone In Left Hand?

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