Will Baking Soda Harm Gemstones?

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Gemstones jewelry are not to be made for last long but little care can make them survive for long. In gemstones jewelry, the shine is gone after sometime then some people put them into box and never use them. Putting them into a box or choosing a jewelry over them is not a good option, they are your favorite gemstones jewelry.

The gemstones jewelry just need some regular cleaning to survive time to time. You have two options to cleaned your favorite jewels. One is you can go to a shop and give them money to cleaned it, second way is that you can clean it on your own at home.

Do not worry that’s an easy way to way to do it. You just need some chemical products and some time of yours. One can make their jewelry looks like totally new and beautiful.

Cleaning of gemstones may seems like an easy process but in reality it’s not.

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Will Baking Soda Harm Gemstones?

No, baking soda will not harm gemstones. Gemstones may fade due to touching it with fingers having oil, grease and other chemicals. Baking soda will not put any scratch on your valuable gemstones whether it is sapphire or ruby.

We all love our gemstones and went don’t want to harm them at all cost. Regular use of gemstones can fade the shine and lustre of them, it’s totally normal. To keep their shine sparkle, we need to give them a regular cleaning or I would say care.

How To Clean Gemstones Jewelry?

We are going to see three methods to clean your faded gorgeous gemstones jewels in this blog. Using too much chemicals than the mentioned can harm your gemstones. Do not use old toothbrush because it can create some scratches on your gemstones.

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#1 Method

  • Take warm water and soap
  • Take a soft towel and dip it in the mixture
  • Now clean the jewelry with it
  • Wash the jewelry with cool water
  • Now dry it with a soft cloth

#2 Method

  • Take three table spoon baking soda
  • Now mix it with 1table spoon water
  • Now clean the jewelry with this paste using a toothbrush
  • Then dry it with soft cloth
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#3 Method

  • Take the gemstones in the bowl
  • Mix 1/2 cup vinegar with tea tree oil
  • Let the gemstones in the mixture overnight
  • In the morning, remove the paste with soft toothbrush slowly slowly.
  • Now you can rinse the gemstones with water

#4 Method

  • Take a bowl wrapped with aluminium foil
  • Add baking soda, salt, and dish washer powder
  • Add little hot water in it
  • Add your gemstones
  • Clean them with a soft toothbrush
  • Now rinse them with water
  • Dry them with paper towel

#5 Method

  • Take one cup hot water
  • Take 1 or 2 table spoon baking soda
  • Mix baking soda in hot water
  • Now dip your gemstones
  • After water gets cool, Take them out
  • Wash them with soft clothes
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#6 Method

  • Take lukewarm water with mild detergent
  • Now soak the gemstones in it
  • Then use a soft toothbrush to clean their dirt
  • Rinse then and dry them with soft cloth
  • Now use a window cleaner spray on gemstones
  • Now wipe it with soft clean cloth

Note:- Dont use jewelry polishing cloth on gemstones such as amber, emerald, jadeite, coral, opal, turquoise, malachite, lapis lazuli.

When To Take Your Gemstones To Gemologist?

If cleaning your jewelry doesn’t suit your do-it-yourself method. You should take your gemstone to gemologist when they are not treated well with ammonia. It may cost you some money but they can clean your gemstones with some professional tools like ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, ionic,  etc.

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Baking soda is known as the gentle cleaner which work for both metal and gemstones. You can clean your tarnished jewelry and dirty gemstones.


If you are unsure about cleaning your gemstones because the jewelry is more close to your heart then pick a professional. If you have confidence on your self then clean it yourself and save your money with time. With baking soda you can make shine and last longer.

One should be more careful while performing these cleaning activity. Using low quality or high amount of chemicals products and wrong methods can damage your valuable gemstones in seconds.

Will Baking Soda Harm Gemstones?

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