Will Epoxy Fill A Hole In My Gemstone?

Will Epoxy Fill A Hole In My Gemstone


Finding a hole in your gemstones can be heartbreaking. Every hole can be fixed in a different way. Some gemstones needs more creative solutions for their damage.

Peoples also went to repairing shops to repair their heirloom gemstones jewelry. Cracks in gemstones is not a serious problem but not attractive one too. Some gemstones are soft and some are very hard which don’t cracked so easily. The sadness become worse when it happens with our favorite jewelry that is very close to your heart.

In this article, you will learn about why do gemstones crack?, will epoxy fill a hole in my gemstone?, and steps on how to fill the cracks in your favorite gems and jewelries.

Why Do Gemstones Crack?

Why do gemstones crack, there is no specific answers to it but the cracks can be caused by flaw in the gemstones or may be something heavy falls on them or may be they dropped on the ground. These can be the main and are the most common reasons.

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A person by profession is a gemologist can deal with these holes smoothly. The more severe cases can be happen with the gemstones that a small crack visible on the outer surface but in the deep of the gemstone could be more cracks.

What Is Epoxy?

In natural stones and marbles the holes can be simply repaired by just cleaning and filling by the epoxy filler. Epoxy glue is the most recommended also the highest selling product for gluing gems and jewelries.

It’s the best option for setting up any type of jewelry. After setting up, it provides the strength more strengths to the gems and jewelry. This is one of the cost effective method for the most middle class people like us.

The Epoxy glue is specifically made for natural stones and granite stones. The best part

Will Epoxy Fill A Hole In My Gemstone?

Many gemstones have holes inherently.  Yes, Epoxy will fill a hole in your gemstones. For that you need to follow the  below mentioned steps:


  • Keep the surface dust free and dry for mixing
  • Take Epoxy Chemical
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  • Squeeze equal amount of chemicals
  • Now mix Epoxy with water


  • After this, mix this compound with acetone in a 50:50 ratio.
  • Use something sharp like needle or aluminum wire for mixing mixture


  • Now use this mixture on the hole of your gemstones.
  • Do this pasting as soon as fast because it may dry up fast.


  • Leave the gemstones with pasting in a dry place.
  • You can also apply some pressure on the pasting
  • Pressure will help in setting gemstone in a perfect fit.
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The acetone will evaporate and the only epoxy will be left. The process of setting epoxy can take upto 24 long hours of time. If you want to get the best results you need to fully dipped the gemstones into the mixture and after that put in a vacuum chamber. The vacuum will boil the mixture that will help the mixture to set deeper in the holes.

Its a handy trick and many jewelers use this technique to save their huge losses on gemstones. Epoxy cement is very good for fixing holes in any gemstone. This can be done at home easily. Some experts stay away from putting the gemstones in vacuum because it may pollute their machine.

We can use epoxy mixture on rocks as well as gems, glasses, metals and after sometime this glue will be invisible. In metals, Epoxy filled the cavities in just 10 to 15 minutes if the heat is applied.


  • Use water clear Epoxy 330 for better results.
  • Do not use alcohol on the gemstone.
  • Do not try to fill Shallow hole.


In this article, I’ve tried my best to provide you all the answer on “Will Epoxy Fill A Hole In My Gemstone?”. Hoping you people will get some help from it.

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If you are hesitating or worrying doing this task by yourself, in that case you can take your cracked gemstones to a gemstones shop manager. A gemstone shop manager is familiar with epoxy on gemstones or crystals.

Epoxy works great because it directly penetrate deep into the gemstone’s crack area. It will prevent the crack by not letting it grow further.

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Will Epoxy Fill A Hole In My Gemstone?

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