4 Celestial Animals of Feng Shui to Protect and Power Up

Introduction to 4 Celestial Animals of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which is very important in creating a harmonious environments. In this, it is believed that arrangements and orientations of the objects affects the energy flow in Chinese which is known as “qi”.

These energy flows ultimately affect the health, wealth and relationships in our life. The Feng Shui principles is a collection of techniques and symbols which is a concept of celestial animals. Feng Shui means “wind” and “water”. This practiced thousands years back in china.

The main objective of Feng Shui was to promote the positive energy flow and harmonize the environment in which we live.  The concept of Feng Shui creates a balanced, prosperous, and supportive environment.

In Fenf Shui, there are some celestial animals which are also known as mythical creatures that have some qualities and energies. They are mainly used for their ability to protect and empower one’s space. These celestial animals came from the ancient Chinese mythology and symbolism. And in the

In the world of celestial animals, there are only four important animals which are : the Dragon, the Phoenix, the Tiger, and the Tortoise. Each animal have unique qualities to improve our life and surrounding. In the upcoming parts of the blog, we will explore each of these celestial animals in detail.

4 Celestial Animals of Feng Shui to Protect and Power Up

1. The Dragon – Harnessing Success and Good Fortune

The dragon symbolize power, prosperity and good fortune. The dragon has always been a legendary creature mentioned in many cultures. Many times it is associated with strength, wisdom, and imperial authority. In Feng Shui, the dragon represent the yang energy. We already know that the dragon is a symbol of power and prosperity which is helpful in attracting opportunities, wealth and success.

There are many types of dragon symbols in this practice and each with their specific significance like dragon of the east know for new beginning and personal growth, the dragon of the south known for fame recognition and career achievements, and there are water and celestial dragons too.

You can use the dragon stature, artwork or an dragon themed decorations to harness the energy of the dragon into your life. Directions also matters, for example like you may place the dragon into the wealth corner of your home or office to attract wealth. Its energy is believed to bring good fortune in every situation of your life.

2. The Phoenix – Invoking Transformation and Rebirth

This mystical creature deeply rooted in ancient mythology. It symbolize transformation, renewal and rebirth. The Phoenix is a legendary bird that represent cycle of life, death and rebirth. In Feng Shui, it is associated with the Yin energy. And the energy is feminine, receptive and nurturing.

The energy of the Phoenix can help you in clearing various aspects and catching new opportunities in various aspects of life. You can use phoenix artwork, decorative items, phoenix motifs in furniture or fabrics, statues, paintings, etc, to attract the personal growth, new beginnings, instills a sense of hope, empowers individuals, inspire resilience, confidence, spiritual growth and the courage to embrace change. We can place the phoenix at the entrance or the career corner.

3. The Tiger – Embracing Strength and Protection

This creature is a majestic and powerful one which symbolizes strength, protection and courage. It is mainly used to increase personal and professional protection. In Feng Shui, the tiger represent yang energy which is associated with bravery, confidence and masculinity. It guards us from all the negative energies that may cause a threat to us or our surrounding.

You can use the tiger statues, artwork, or even decorative items with tiger motifs and place them in the northwest area or entrance of your room or office to strength support, protection, personal power, creating a safe environment, promote self-assurance, etc. It also helps us to boost the leadership skills, innate strength, encourages  and resilience.

4. The Tortoise – Cultivating Wisdom and Longevity

The tortoise is a respectful creature in many ancient mythology books. It symbolize wisdom, longevity, and stability. I some cultures, it is a symbol of stability, grounding, and protection. In Feng Shui, the tortoise represents patience, wisdom, and the ability to navigate challenges.

You can use the tortoise sculptures, figurines, or even artwork, etc, to integrate the tortoise energies into your living and working places to bring wisdom, longevity, support, harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. We should always place it in the north direction to get its maximum benefits.


We have seen four powerful celestial animals which holds an important value and bring positive energies into our environment. All the four represent different symbols like the dragon represent good fortune, the phoenix represent transformation, the tiger represents protection and the tortoise represent longevity.

We can integrate these four celestial animals into our Feng Shui practices to create an environment that support our goals and well being. In conclusion, Feng Shui tells us how our surroundings can influence our daily life.

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