Feng Shui Tips for Mentor’s Luck


The Feng Shui is responsible for luck that attracts mentors, helpful people, supportive friends and relatives in your life. These people will provide you a helping hand, opportunities, advice, support, in your tough time or stress environment. This type of luck is known as “Mentor Luck” or “Gui Ren”.

In our world, Our society is developed in a way that we always have people around us who helps us or support us to achieve our goals and dreams.

Top Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Mentor’s Luck

The Feng Shui is a way is helpful for attracting mentor’s luck in your life. It can attract supportive pillar, very good friends, mentors, advisors, kind people, helpful people to motivate you in your tuff, stress, or difficult times. The help can be in any form like it could be an opportunity, life changing advice, money, motivation, money, etc.

#1. The Dragon Symbol

In Chinese culture, dragons as known as the symbol of good luck. You can place a statue, painting, photo or a craft of dragon to flood the mentor’s luck in your life. Warning – Don’t place the dragon made with metal in the northwest direction.

#2. Metal Ball or Gong

We can also use ball or gong made of metals like silver, brass, nickel, etc. You can place it in the northwest corner of your offices or homes.

#3. Trigram Chien Symbol

Trigram Chien symbol is also called big metal. Trigram Chien symbol represents three unbroken stacked lines on top of each other. Most of the people in China use this symbol in the northwest direction.

#4. Your Ideal photo or Painting

You may also use an picture or painting of a person who is your ideal or whom you admire or a big fan of. It can be a photo of a your father, or a celebrity, or a motivational speaker, or a social activist, or a sports person, it can be anyone who can inspire you. Just hang the photo in the Northwest direction to get inspired from their mentor’s luck.

#5. Nine Emperors Coins

Using Ching dynasty’s powerful Nine Emperors coins can be a ideal choice. In feng Shui, the nine number holds a special position as it a symbol of completion and wholeness. The Ching Dynasty was known as the powerful dynasty at that time. And it is believed that these coins holds all the powers of Ching Dynasty. Some believe that these 9 coins holds the spirits of nine emperors that will assist you in achieving the desired goal. You can hang these coins to get their blessings.

#6. Gods, Buddha, Saint Statue or Art

This is one of the top and effective way to attract mentor’s luck in your life. You just need to put gods painting or statue or Buddha or Saint  in the Northwest direction in your home or office. Politicians, Armed Forces and Businessmen usually use ‘Kwan Kung’ the god of war and wealth for upholding justice and protect the innocents. Metal made Buddha statue will help you more if you place it in the corner of your office.

#7. Metal Picture Frame

In this, we need to use a round picture frame made of metals. The frame will consist of the picture of your ideal whom you want helpful hand. Just place it in the right northwest sector.

#8. Brass Rooster

The rooster is known as the symbol of power and influence. The Brass rooster will help you to invite guiders and mentors to help you in grabbing and achieving new opportunities and goals. Always place it in the northwest corner direction.

#9. Token of Mentor

If you already know a wise and good person and now you want them to be your mentor, then represent them with a token. You can also make a token of a person who is expert in a specific area. Just place the token in the northwest direction of your home, class, college, working area, office or any area where you meet them often.

#10. Metal Made Things

All kinds of Metals always rule in the Northwest direction. You can use statues or arts made of metals like silver, brass, gold, etc. In this, metals should be used with clay, ceramic or crystals, can’t be used with wood. Metal made things will surely bring helpful people into your life or surrounding. Place them in the northwest direction for activating your mentors luck.

#11. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes and crystal balls are the best example for this. Hollow rod wind chimes is perfect to activate our mentor’s luck. You can hang it in the northwest corner of our home, make sure it sticks to the ceiling.

#12. Six Metal Coins

We can also use six metals coins in our homes or office. You just need to hang them through a red wire or red ribbon. These metal coins are round in shape to bring all the metal elements in our life.

#13. Metallic Color Tones

Metallic color tones are also effective in activating this sector. Use colors like gold, grey, copper or white in the northwest corner direction of your space. You can also use these color to paint all the items coming in this corner direction to fully get its benefits.

#14. Fuk Luk Sau Statue

Fuk, Luk and Sau are the three immortals in Chinese mythology. Fuk means good luck, luk means financial success and lastly Sau means success You can place an statue in the northwest direction of area. Always remember to arrange them in the left to right order.


As we have seen all the major and most important Feng Shui tips for mentor’s luck. I hope you find all the tips helpful and will try them all one by one. You can use any tips according to your ease and needs. The main thing to note is that please avoid using pointed or sharp-edged objects as they can act negatively against attracting mentor’s luck.

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