How To Wear Moonstone Gemstone?

Moonstone is a member of the feldspar family. It’s one of the most recently identified semi-precious crystals. It is well recognized for providing calming energy and bringing quiet, peace, and moderation to one’s life. The Moonstone is indeed the birthstone of June and is ruled by a planet Moon.

However, you can obtain the greatest purity throughout the United States, Brazil, Australia, and Sri Lanka. The Moonstone comes in various colors and varieties, including cat-eye, gray, white, peach, rainbow, and blue, and is widely used as an adornment.

Moonstone is crucial for persons whose horoscope contains the planet Moon in the malefic state because the planet Moon in Astrological represents a person’s characteristics, attitude, feelings, and personal issues. It aids in treating restlessness, anxiety, despair, and other symptoms brought on by the Moon’s adverse effects.

We sometimes fail to recognize the source of unwelcomed stress, unhappiness, negativity, and anxiety. It might happen unexpectedly as a result of any scenario or cause. Then at this point, one must understand that astrology will be the only method to understand and interact with one’s internal sentiments and pains to work towards eradicating these obstacles from one’s life.

Who should wear Moonstone?

Anyone suffering from mental stress, anxiety, or sentimental difficulty should wear raw Moonstone or genuine Moonstone. Since it meant to safeguard travelers, the moonstone stone could be used or kept by habitual travelers. Some who struggle with sleep problems and don’t get a night’s sleep must wear a moonstone Stone.

Men can benefit from the moonstone-loving Yin/feminine aspect, providing stability to their lives. Moonstone is a gemstone that encourages love. Thus, anyone who wants to improve their marriage or relationship love component should wear moonstone Gemstone.

Moonstone is suitable for persons born in June. The birthstone for June is Moonstone. If you’re having trouble conceiving, wearing fertility moonstone jewelry might help.

Moonstone Healer Powers & Moonstone Gemstone Advantages

  • Wearing authentic Moonstone in jewelry has numerous advantages, including the metaphysical characteristics of Moonstone.
  • Moonstone promotes emotional harmony and tranquility among people by calming and balancing emotions.
  • Moonstone is a stone that boosts one’s self-esteem.
  • The moonstone gemstone aids in the re-establishment of energy balance.
  • Must balance female and masculine expectations to avoid discord.
  • The moonstone gemstone aids in the re-establishment of energy balance. Must balance female and masculine expectations to avoid discord.
  • The moonstone crystals aid in the relaxation of violent behavior and provides calm and emotional well-being.
  • The magic moonstone is known for its ability to promote love. It aids in the attraction of love energy and true love connections.
  • Moonstone stone is indeed a fertile gemstone that you can wear if you’re having trouble conceiving.
  • Can solve difficulties with the reproductive system by wearing a moonstone gem.
  • Blood flow among all tissues and organs betterment by Moonstone, which again is essential for better health.
  • The authentic moonstone gemstone aids in sleeping pattern correction and promotes restful and calm sleep.
  • It is believed to treat insomnia.
  • It aids in positive dreams.
  • Furthermore, it improves the intuitive aspect of things.


– Leonard Cohen

What Is The Best Way To Find The Genuine Moonstone?

There will be a few little distinctions between these two gems, Opalite and Moonstone. These distinctions are usually only seen by a seasoned jeweler. The following are the explanations for these dissimilarities:

The Variation In Coatings

The construction of a raw moonstone always has various layers. That because Albite and Orthoclase is stacked on top of one other.


As it is constructed of a synthetic substance, an opalite contains minor differences save for occasional bubbles. However, moonstones always get some internal scars, also referred to as centipedes. There will be inclusions in a moonstone, but there would never be a bubble.


Whether it shines or glows, each Moonstone has a blue luster about it. While the Opalite’s luminance varies with different hues of light, its color varies in response to the ambient light.

How To Wear Moonstone Gemstone?

  • Monday evening is the best time to wear the moonstone gemstones.
  • You can wear it in working hand’s little finger.
  • It is believed that if you want to wear Moonstone then, it should be advised to wear that Stone in your Working Hand’s little finger.
  • You can use your Moonstone Gemstone in Silver or gold Metal.

Does Moonstone Need To Be Cleansed Before Wearing Moonstone?

Clean that Moonstone with pure water, then with raw milk, and enchanted that with the mantras to get the most out of it.

How To Care For Your Moonstones

Moonstone, as previously said, is a delicate semi-precious stone that is susceptible to blemishes and damages if not handled appropriately.

When you are not using it, the most vital aspect to remember when caring for a moonstone stone would be storing it in a nylon cloth bag or jewelry box. Ensure it isn’t in a case with certain other jewelry to brush against such a rough crystal or metals?

Whenever it concerns cleansing a moonstone Gem, the ideal method is to wipe it with freshwater and non-abrasive, gentle solvent soap. Throughout the scenario of a moonstone gem, it should prevent any heat or ultra-sonic washing. When undertaking tough duties like cleansing, remember to remove the Gem, specifically if you’re using strong chemicals.

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