Jadeite Jade Quality Factors – Top Guide to Considered

Introduction to Jadeite

Jade is a stunning stone adorn for its durability and value. Jade was found first in Myanmar in the 6th century AD. In Chinese culture, this stone plays an vital role in spirituality. The cost of the Jade stone had also increased with the rise of Chinese culture.

Chinese people always appreciate fine quality green color of jade since it found for the first time in Burma. International market of gemstones provides high prices to Jadeite that comes with the high quality, stunning colors, vivid, translucent, sleek, transparency, texture, etc.

In the older times, White Jade (Yurungkash) and Black Jade (Karakash) Rivers situated in town of town of Hetian in western China’s Xinjiang Province were the only sources to get Jadeite stone.

Jadeite Jade Quality Factors : Top Factors to Considered

When people buys Jadeite stone, they considered many factors like firstly they go for its color, transparency, coloration, fine polish, undistorted surface, clarity, etc. The quality evaluation of any gemstone is mainly checked using the three Cs which are color, clarity and cut. The fourth C’ – carat is weigh less than the above three Cs.  In this section, we will see what to factors while buying Jade Jadeite quality stones.

1. Cut

Most of you may not know that Chine is the top place for polishing for Jadeite. Majority of the stones are cut into Myanmar from where they are mine. After that they are exported to china where they polished and carved into bangles, rings, pendants, ornaments, or art crafts, etc. The cabochons shape of Jadeite is mainly used in making rings and other type of jewelry.

A cabochons is appreciated on the basis of their proportion, thickness and symmetry. Jadeite is also shaped into round beads as they also have high demand in the market, especially the larger beads which shows more colors. The cut of a gemstones is important because it is responsible for transparency and size of a stone.

China is the first Jade bangle producer that carved it four thousand years back. Jadeite bangle is being worn to bring peace and safety to the wearer. Hololith bangles cost more than the normal because of they are made by combining pieces together though precious metal hinges as it reduces its weight and make it light.

2. Transparency

It ranges from opaque to semi-transparent. We can easily see through it the other side. It always appears to glow which increases its charm of green and lavender hues of colors. The lowest valuable Jadeite are the ones that comes with opaque or cloudy surface.

Many a times, Some Jadeite have rich depth of colors inside them which increases its value in the market. Transparency of a gemstones can be seen when they placed on the surface of the printed page.

3. Color

Color is known as the main quality factor in any gemstones. The first thing a consumer can related with any gemstones is through its coloring. Jadeite comes with green color, red, orange, grey, white, lavender, yellow, brown, and black. Jadeite looks beautiful in these all colors. The color of any gemstone can be break into three components hue, Intensity, and tone.

The most preferable color for gemstone is its shades of green color.  The finest quality Jadeite is transparent and comes with green colors which is known as “Imperial Jade”. The green color Jadeite have millions of dollars market in the world due to its intense vivid hue of colors.

Other valued varieties are “Kingfisher Jade” that comes with green color, “Mossin-snow Jade” comes with white and green shades of colors, “Apple Jade” comes with intense yellow green color. This gemstone is most salable in the Asian gemstones industry.

4. Texture

When it comes with texture, it is one of the gemstones that have a smooth surface. Its texture is found to be fine, medium and hard, mainly depends on the crystal sizes. The smooth texture of Jadeite born when the structure of it is fine grained.

The same crystal is responsible for texture and toughness. It is also one of the hard stone because of its interlocking crystals called ‘grains’ that produces a tight bond which is hard to break.

5. Size and Weight

The size of this beautiful stone is expressed in millimeters. The size factors comes above all the quality factors of Jadeite Jade. Top quality gemstones are larger in size and make the larger value.

The Last Words

In conclusion Jadeite Jade has been an treasured in the Chinese culture since 8 thousands years back. In the ancient times moon nights are the perfect to find this masculine energy creator stone because it reflects moon lights.

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