Where To Find Gemstones In The Us?

Where To Find Gemstones In The United States of America (USA)?

Are you curious to know where in the United States of America (USA) you can find beautiful, one-of-a-kind gemstones? This article will provide a detailed look into some of the best places to search for breathtaking gems that won’t break your budget.

Discover secret sites and hot spots across the country where beginners and experts alike can find dazzling gems! Get trusted tips for making the most of your hunt. Explore the wild world of U.S. treasure hunting! Our blog covers all you need to know about prospecting for gems across the country, for personal or gifting needs. Let’s dive in!

List of most common types of gemstones found in the United States

  1. Diamonds: The most valuable type of gemstone, diamonds come in many colors and cuts. They are usually mined from volcanic eruptions or deep underground in kimberlite deposits.
  2. Rubies: Red rubies are highly sought after for their rich color and durability. They are commonly found in North Carolina and have been mined since the early 19th century.
  3. Sapphires: Blue sapphires can be easily identified by their vibrant hue and hardness.
  4. Emeralds: Intensely green emeralds are highly valued for their beauty and rarity. They can often be found in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains with other gemstones like tourmalines, topaz, and quartz.
  5. Opals: These unique gemstones come in a variety of colors and shapes, ranging from black opal to white opal to fire opal. The American southwest is known for its colorful and vibrant opals, especially those mined from Nevada’s Virgin Valley region.
  6. Amethyst: Revered since ancient times as a symbol of protection, amethysts come in a beautiful deep purple hue. They are typically found in the United States in cavities in basaltic rock, often alongside other quartz crystals.
  7. Aquamarine: Pale blue aquamarines are highly sought after for their delicate color and brilliance. They can be found along the eastern seaboard from Maine to North Carolina where they form through the erosion of silica-rich rocks like granite.

List of some good places to look for gemstones in the United States

  1. The Arizona Mine, Tucson, AZ: Located in the scenic Santa Rita Mountains, the Arizona Mine offers a variety of gems and minerals for rockhounds to explore. Notable finds include turquoise, agate, jasper, garnets, peridot and amethyst.
  2. Emerald Hollow Mine, Hiddenite, NC: This is one of the only emerald mines open for public prospecting in North America. Visitors can search for a variety of precious and semi-precious stones such as rubies, sapphire and aquamarine along with emeralds.
  3. Crater of Diamonds State Park, Murfreesboro AR : One of the most popular places for gem hunting in the U.S., this is the only diamond-producing site open to the public in the world. Visitors can search through soil that has been naturally eroded from volcanic pipes and hunt for diamonds, amethyst, quartz crystal and more.
  4. Four Peaks Mining Company, Mesa AZ: This mine offers visitors a chance to prospect for gems such as garnet, peridot and azurite along with other minerals like gold and copper nuggets.
  5. Oceanview Mine, Pala CA: Located in San Diego County, this is one of the oldest operating mines in California and has yielded gems such as tourmaline, kunzite and aquamarine among others.
  6. Little Falls Gem Mine, Franklin NC: This mine offers a hands-on experience to visitors looking to search for gems and minerals. You can find quartz, beryl, tourmaline and other precious stones in the area.

Most valuable gemstones found in the United States

  1. Benitoite: Found in San Benito County, California, this rare gemstone is valued for its bright blue color and strong fluorescence. Its value derives mainly from its rarity; it has been estimated to be more valuable than diamonds of equivalent size due to its limited availability.
  2. Oregon Sunstone: Native to Oregon’s Harney County, this vibrant gemstone comes in shades of green, red, yellow, pink and orange with metallic-looking copper flakes throughout the stone. Due to the unique composition of these stones they are highly sought after by collectors around the world.
  3. Fire Agate: Found in the basalt deposits of Arizona and New Mexico, this gemstone is valued for its iridescent sheen that creates an effect of “rainbow fire” when the stone is viewed from different angles.
  4. Emerald: Although not found exclusively in the US, emeralds are among some of the most expensive gemstones available on the market. In addition to their high value due to rarity and beauty, emeralds can also be found in North Carolina, Montana and Idaho.
  5. Alexandrite: This rare gemstone is highly valued because it has a color-change property that allows it to shift from green to red when viewed in different light sources. It can be found in North Carolina and Tennessee.

Common mistakes people make when looking for gemstones

  1. Not researching the gemstones before buying: Many people jump into a purchase without doing their research and later find out they have made an uninformed decision. To ensure authenticity and quality of a gemstone, it is crucial to comprehend its properties and origin.
  2. Falling for low prices: Beware of jewelry shops & online sites advertising unusually low prices for certain gems. They may not be genuine. In fact, some vendors might even sell synthetic stones instead of natural ones at reduced prices. Do your due diligence before making any purchases to avoid disappointment in the future.
  3. Not considering the cut and clarity of gemstones: To obtain top quality gemstones, evaluate their cut, clarity, color, and other properties. In addition, these factors can also affect the value of your chosen stone.
  4. Overlooking treatments or enhancements: It is essential to determine if any treatments or enhancements have been performed on the gemstone as this can have an effect on its value and quality. Additionally, buyers must be aware of all treatments before making any purchases so they know what they are buying and how it might affect their piece over time.


From cutting-edge technology to authentic historical sites, the gemstones of the USA are sure to thrill. Remember to always check the regulations for wherever you’re researching or mining for gems. From quarry hunts to coastal snorkeling, and even mines from the 1800s – discover unique stones all across the country! Beware of hazards like metal dust and lead poisoning from old mines when collecting.

Take necessary precautions to stay safe! With a little caution and know-how, you can be sure your hobby will be a fun adventure. No matter what treasures await you in America’s great outdoors, there is no doubt that finding gems in U.S territories will be an exciting experience.

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