Where To Find Gemstones In Western Pa?

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Where To Find Gemstones In Western Pennsylvania?

Are you looking for outdoor adventure and a unique treasure hunting experience? Look no further than the treasure trove of gemstones found in Western Pennsylvania! In this region, you’ll find beautiful rocks and minerals that have been hidden away beneath the lush landscape for millions of years. From quartz to garnet, chances are you’ll stumble across something special in your search.

With our guide, we can help show you where to look. We’ll discuss the best locations for gemstone discovery in Western Pennsylvania, and provide tips on how to identify specimens when you find them. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity – read on to start discovering gems today!

List of Different Types of Gemstones in Western Pennsylvania

Western Pennsylvania offers a variety of gemstones, including:

  • Amethyst: A deep purple gemstone that is the birthstone of February. It is found in Northhampton County.
  • Aquamarine: A light blue to greenish-blue gemstone that is the birthstone of March. It can be found in Allegheny County.
  • Citrine: A yellow or orange-yellow gemstone that is the birthstone for November. It can be found in Butler and Armstrong Counties.
  • Garnet: A deep red stone with shades of orange, pink and purple; available as either faceted stones or cabochons. Found mainly in Beaver and Lawrence Counties.
  • Lapis Lazuli: A deep blue stone with specks of golden pyrite. Found in Indiana County.
  • Opal: An iridescent gemstone that ranges from colorless to white, yellow, red, orange, green and blue. Can be found in Washington County.
  • Peridot: A lime-green gemstone that is the birthstone for August. Found mainly in Somerset County.
  • Quartz: Quartz varieties such as rose quartz and smoky quartz are found only in specific Western Pennsylvania regions or counties. Colorless quartz is more common.

List of Most Popular Gemstone Markets in Western Pennsylvania

  1. Pittsburgh Bead & Jewelry Show: This gemstone market has been around since 1987 and is the longest-running show in Western Pennsylvania. Twice a month, the David L Lawrence Convention Center downtown hosts vendors selling jewelry, beads, gems, minerals and more.
  2. The Gem Mall: Located in the historic town of New Castle, this mall specializes in loose stones as well as finished jewelry pieces made with semi-precious stones such as amethyst, citrine, quartz and more. They also host an array of workshops for those interested in learning about gemstone identification and cutting techniques.
  3. Bellefonte Gem Fair: Held annually on the third Saturday of June, this annual event takes place in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. It features dozens of vendors selling gems and minerals from around the world as well as jewelry making supplies.
  4. Granville Gem & Mineral Show: Held annually on the third Saturday of August in Granville, Pennsylvania, this show draws dealers from across the Eastern United States. They offer a variety of loose stones, plus finished products such as rings, necklaces and earrings.
  5. Pittsburgh Rocks: Held annually in April at Stage AE on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, this show is popular with rock hounds and jewelry makers alike. Dealers sell every type of gemstone imaginable – including fossils – as well as beads, jewelry supplies and tools.

Top 6 Best Online Platforms for Gemstone Purchase in Western Pennsylvania

  1. Ratna Sagar Jewels: Ratna Sagar Jewels is an online store providing a wide range of gemstones, including sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds from all over the world. They are well known for their quality stones and great customer service.
  2. Colorful Gemstone Co.: Colorful Gemstone Co. offers a variety of loose, uncut gemstones that you can purchase directly from their website at wholesale prices. They have an extensive selection ranging from amethyst to tourmaline and everything in between.
  3. Penn Gems: Penn Gems is a trusted source for quality gems since 1995 with direct import experience from Thailand and Sri Lanka since 2000. They offer a wide selection of certified gems at competitive prices.
  4. Thistle Gems: Thistle Gems specializes in rare and unique gemstones from all over the world, including Oregon sunstone, Australian opal, Siberian amethyst, and Arizona peridot. Their website provides detailed descriptions for each stone to help you make an informed decision when purchasing.
  5. Gem Selections: Gem Selections is one of the largest online treasures offering top quality gemstones from India and abroad with unbeatable prices. They also offer custom made jewelry crafted by their own expert jewelers so you can get exactly what you’re looking for at a great price.
  6. Diamonds Factory USA: Diamonds Factory USA offers a wide selection of colored gemstones from all over the world, as well as diamonds. They have competitive prices and a free shipping policy for orders over $150.

List of Helpful Tips for Buying Gemstones in Western Pennsylvania

  1. Consider the source of the stone: When purchasing gemstones in Western Pennsylvania, it’s important to be mindful of where you’re buying them from. Make sure you do some research on the shop or seller before committing to any purchase.
  2. Research the types of stones available: There are many different kinds of gemstones that can be found in Western Pennsylvania, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires and more. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these options before making a decision about which one is right for you.
  3. Inspect the stone closely: Before buying a gemstone in Western Pennsylvania, take time to inspect it closely and determine its quality. After all, this is a significant investment, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best quality possible.
  4. Have your stone verified: It’s always a good idea to have your gemstone professionally evaluated before making any purchase. Reputable stores will offer appraisal services that can provide an unbiased opinion on the authenticity and value of the stone.
  5. Look for dealer guarantees: When buying gemstones in Western Pennsylvania, look for stores that offer buyer protection policies or other guarantees. This is an indication of a reputable store and can provide peace of mind when investing in such a valuable item.

How can I tell if a gemstone is real in Western Pennsylvania?

The best way to determine if a gemstone is real in Western Pennsylvania is to take it to a reputable jeweler. A professional jeweler can use specialized tools and techniques to accurately identify the stone’s authenticity. Additionally, they will be able to detect any treatments or enhancements that have been done on the stones. It is important that you go to a trusted and experienced jeweler who knows how to properly appraise gemstones before making any purchases.


For those interested in getting out and exploring the beautiful landscape of western Pennsylvania, a potential for finding gems awaits. Researching beforehand is crucial to understand the dangers of rock collecting, like wild animals, unstable grounds, and improper equipment use. With patience, observation, and knowledge of safe techniques, one can explore ancient treasures and uncover spectacular finds. Nature trips can turn into unforgettable learning experiences when you find gems. So, get out there and start searching!

Where To Find Gemstones In Western Pa?

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