Would Gemstones Be Considered A Nonrenewable Resource?

Would Gemstones Be Considered A Nonrenewable Resource

Will gems be considered a non-renewable resource, the question certainly arises in the mind of most gem lovers. We have a limited amount of non-renewable resources on Mother Earth.

The minerals are present in huge quantities and are found in the earth’s crust and take about 4-6 million years to form. Most minerals are non-renewable resources. Gemstones are natural minerals that are used for personal use, as jewellery, because of their beautiful colours.

What Is A Minerals?

Minerals are basically chemical compounds having a specific composition and fine chemical composition. We extract minerals from the ground using certain processes such as pressure, heat, weathering and other manual activities.

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There are many things that fall under the category of minerals like gold, silver, mercury, graphite, diamond, sapphire, goethite, brucite. pyrite, galena, sphalerite, barite, gypsum, magnesite, monazite, fluorite, garnet, olivine, tourmaline, beryl, mica, clay, quartz, zeolites, etc.

Let us first break down the title and get to know the basics of this topic like what is a gem and what are non-renewable resources, etc. Lets Dive into it.

What Is A Gemstone?

Gemstones are known as minerals, rocks and an organic material that is chosen most of the time for their beauty, and rarity. They are cut and polished and then cast as jewelry. Some gemstones are hard and some are soft, their durability depends on their formation.

What Are Nonrenewable Resources?

Living and non-living resources are classified into two categories which are renewable and non-renewable resources. Non-renewable resources are those resources which cannot be used for a second time after consumption. For example coal, natural gases, oil etc.
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Would Gemstones Be Considered A Nonrenewable Resource?

Non-renewable resources are extracted from the earth’s soil in the same way as gems. Gems are present in limited quantities in the earth’s crust. They cannot grow again and they take millions of years to form. So yes, gems are a non-renewable resource.

It took thousands of years for the gems to be made by Mother Earth. Once they are used up, they will not be available for many centuries.

It took billions of years for diamonds to form from coal and once mined, it would take billions of years for them to form another diamond. Therefore diamond is a non-renewable resource. There is no way to recycle it.

What Is A Natural Resource Explain?

All the organisms of the earth such as air, water, sand and materials like coal, oil are also classified into two categories:
  • Renewable Resources
  • Non-Renewable Resources
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What’s the difference Between Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources?

  • Renewable resources are those resources which naturally replace themselves at the rate of their consumption and can be used repeatedly, and which are present in abundance in nature such as sun, crop, solar, wood, biomass energy, hydropower, geothermal energy, water, wind etc.
  • Non-renewable resources are those which are present in the earth in limited quantity and cannot be used again, once used they are gone forever like coal, petrol, metals, oil, nuclear energy, Natural gas, fresh water, etc.

Non Renewable Resource

How Much Left?

When Will They End?

Natural gas

7124 trillion cubic feet (tcf)

Around 40 years (2060)

Crude oil

1.65 trillion barrels

Around 40 years (2061)


1000 trillion tons

Around 500 years (2510)


1.1 trillion tons

Around 70 years (2060)


14000 cubic kilometers

Shortages in near 2035


10 cms

Around 60 years (2055)


80 million tons per/year

Around 30 years (2060)






Why Is It Important To Use Gemstones Resources Responsibly?

Gemstones have a great impact on our human life. On a larger scale, they are also a major part of any nation’s gem-laden treasury. They are important for making the economy of any country stable.

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What Is The Importance Of Gemstones To Human Being?

Gemstones are important to human beings as human beings are emotionally and financially attached to them. We use them in our daily life and many gems jewelry have family values attached to it. Gemstones also help in reducing diseases related to bones, muscles, heart, other parts of the body.

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Would Gemstones Be Considered A Nonrenewable Resource?

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