Where To Find Gemstones In The Us?

Where To Find Gemstones In The United States of America (USA)? Are you curious to know where in the United States of America (USA) you can find beautiful, one-of-a-kind gemstones? This article will provide a detailed look into some of the best places to search for breathtaking gems that won’t break your budget.  Discover secret […]

Where To Find Gemstones In Venango County Pa?

Where To Find Gemstones In Venango County Pennsylvania? Venango County in Pennsylvania is a place of beauty, adventure and discovery. With its lush forests, rolling hills and bubbling creeks there’s something new to explore around every corner. For those interested in gemstones or fossils, Venango County has much to offer.  This county has opportunities for […]

Feng Shui Tips for Mentor’s Luck

Introduction The Feng Shui is responsible for luck that attracts mentors, helpful people, supportive friends and relatives in your life. These people will provide you a helping hand, opportunities, advice, support, in your tough time or stress environment. This type of luck is known as “Mentor Luck” or “Gui Ren”. In our world, Our society […]

When To Wear Amethyst Gemstone?

When To Wear Amethyst Gemstone? Do you know that amethyst gemstones have been used throughout history for their believed beneficial properties? We’ve seen amethyst adorn the crowns of kings, be embedded into jewelry, and even decorate temples and sanctuaries. Although modern science challenges some of these beliefs, wearing an amethyst is still thought to bring […]

Jadeite Jade Quality Factors – Top Guide to Considered

Introduction to Jadeite Jade is a stunning stone adorn for its durability and value. Jade was found first in Myanmar in the 6th century AD. In Chinese culture, this stone plays an vital role in spirituality. The cost of the Jade stone had also increased with the rise of Chinese culture. Chinese people always appreciate […]

Why Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye is Superior than Other Cat’s Eye Gemstones?

Introduction Welcome to a world of sparkling, captivating gemstones – cat’s eye gemstone! Chrysoberyl cats eye is an exceptional stone that stands out from other cats eye gemstones. It has highly desirable characteristics and incomparable luster.  Traditionally used for carving along with tribal jewelry designs, this stunning stone also offers various benefits. This blog will […]

4 Celestial Animals of Feng Shui to Protect and Power Up

Introduction to 4 Celestial Animals of Feng Shui Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which is very important in creating a harmonious environments. In this, it is believed that arrangements and orientations of the objects affects the energy flow in Chinese which is known as “qi”. These energy flows ultimately affect the health, wealth and […]

15 Benefits of Wearing Cats Eye Gemstone

Introduction Are you looking for something that can give you an edge in life? Something that will help increase your luck and success? Cats eye gemstones could be the answer. Wearing cats eye gemstones is believed to bring joy, fortune and protection from evil.  This post explores the benefits of wearing cat’s eye gemstone- from […]

Difference Between: Jadeite vs. Omphacite Jade

What is Jadeite? The Jade word comes from the Spanish becuase of it curing ailments of the lions and kidneys. Jadeite is the name of the mineral. It generally comes in a big green rock and the formula of Jadeite is (NaAlSi2O6). When we see it from microscope it shows mixed texture of granular and […]

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