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Where To Find Benitoite Gemstone?

The mineral benitoite is not found in many places around the world. In fact, only one place in the entire globe produces this gorgeous blue stone.

If you’re looking to add a benitoite gemstone to your collection, you’ll have to know where to find it. Here are some tips on locating this rare stone.

What is Benitoite?

Benitoite is a beautiful blue mineral that can be found in a variety of rock formations around the world. While it is most commonly associated with the San Benito River in California, benitoite can also be found in Japan, Australia, and Brazil.

The stone gets its name from the Luis Obispo County town of San Benito, where it was first discovered in 1907. 

Benitoite has a unique chemical composition that sets it apart from other minerals. It is made up of titanium, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen, and it is this combination of elements that gives benitoite its characteristic blue color. 

The stone is also quite rare, which contributes to its desirability among collectors. In fact, benitoite was officially recognized as the state gemstone of California in 1985.

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While it is not used extensively in jewelry making due to its rarity, benitoite is cherished by gem enthusiasts for its dazzling beauty and unique composition.

Where To Find Benitoite Gemstone?

Benitoite is a rare blue mineral that is seldom found outside of California. First discovered in 1907, it was named after the San Benito River, where it was originally found.

The only commercial deposit of benitoite is located at the Doty Hills in San Benito County, though a few other deposits have been found in Oregon, Nevada, and Arkansas. 

The largest benitoite crystal ever found weighed in at 34 grams and was discovered in 1918. Today, benitoite is prized for its unique blue color and is commonly used in jewelry.

Despite its rarity, benitoite can be found for sale online, though it typically comes with a high price tag. For those looking for a more affordable option, synthetic benitoite is also available.

The Different Colors Of Benitoite?

Benitoite is a beautiful blue mineral that is found in a small area of central California. While the most well-known color of benitoite is blue, it can also be found in a variety of other colors, including white, yellow, green, and pink. 

The different colors of benitoite are caused by different impurities in the mineral. For example, pink benitoite contains traces of manganese, while green benitoite contains traces of chromium.

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Regardless of its color, benitoite is prized for its unique beauty and is often used in jewelry and other decorative items.

The Rarity and Value of Benitoite

Benitoite is a rare blue mineral that is only found in a few locations around the world. Its most notable feature is its strong fluorescence, which makes it a popular gemstone for jewelry.

Benitoite’s rarity and unique properties make it a extremely valuable gemstone, with high-quality specimens fetching tens of thousands of dollars per carat. 

While benitoite deposits have been found in several countries, the majority of the world’s production comes from a single mine in California.

The Gem Mine in San Benito County has been producing benitoite since 1907, and it is currently the only active benitoite mine in the world. As a result, benitoite from the Gem Mine is highly sought after by collectors and can command very high prices.

How to Care and Clean Benitoite Gemstones

Benitoite is a beautiful blue gemstone that is most commonly found in California. Although it is relatively rare, it makes an excellent choice for jewelry because it is very durable and has excellent color.

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When caring for benitoite, it is important to remember that the stone is sensitive to heat. Therefore, it should not be cleaned with steam or ultrasonic cleaners. 

The best way to clean benitoite is with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Once the stone is clean, it can be dried with a soft cloth. Benitoite should be stored in a cool, dry place away from other gemstones to prevent scratching. With proper care, benitoite will retain its beauty for many years to come.


If you are in the market for a rare and unique gemstone, benitoite is definitely worth checking out. You can find benitoite at several locations throughout the world, but we’ve outlined some of the best spots to start your search.

With its dazzling blue color and interesting backstory, this stone is sure to impress. Have you had a chance to see a benitoite in person? Let us know in the comments below.



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