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What Is A Calibrated Gemstone?


Gemstones and diamonds are women’s best friends and are adorned since ancient times. Day by day demand and supply for a gemstone is increasing, in many parts of the world.

These colorful and eye-catching gemstones beautify the jewelry and add charm to the ones who wear it. Do you know, that the stones you buy from the jewelry stores come in different shapes and sizes, these stones are calibrated to increase their value and it also makes it easier for the jewelers to design the jewelry.

Don’t you think before buying precious stones, you should have full knowledge about what are you buying? So, let us first know what calibrated gemstone is.

What Is Calibrated Gemstone?

Calibrated gemstones are being cut to standard sizes so that they can be easily fitted into standard-sized jewelry. For example, if a customer wants to customize a ring with a heart shape gemstone or diamond in it, the jeweler would ask the gem cutter to calibrate it according to the ring size and shape without disturbing its mounting.

An original or natural stone is usually big and then it is cut into the desired sizes like 1 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.75 mm and 2mm and in carat. Gemstones are always measured in mm but on the other hand, diamonds are sized in carats. Jewelers and gemstone dealers prefer to weigh the natural stones in mm and not in carat.

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Some gemstones may have the same weight but because of calibrations, they appear small or big from the other stones. Also, the size of the stone relies on the shape it has been cut to. Like a round shape, the diamond would weigh 1.5mm, a square shape diamond would weigh 2 mm, an Oval would weigh 10*8 mm and so on but note that if a diamond in round shape is of 2.65 ct in shape then a ruby or emerald would be of the same weight, no they all are different in weighing.

Let’s better understand it with the below table:

Shape Size (in mm) Diamond (in Carat) Ruby (in Carat) Emerald (in Carat)
Round 1.5 mm 0.015 ct 0.02 ct 0.0125 ct
Oval 10*8 mm 2.65 ct 2.95 ct 2.05 ct
Square 2 mm 0.05 ct 0.06 ct 0.05 ct

Rubies, Diamonds, Sapphires, Opal, Emerald, Aquamarine, Amethyst Cats eye etc can be calibrated. The cutting and calibration process will make them appeal better with standard size and shape, also with proper jewelry settings.

Thus the cost of each stone varies from each other, a natural stone is expensive in price but worth buying. You can always find a chart at the store which shows stones with different shapes, and sizes, for a proper guide and understanding before buying stones.

Stones are customized as per the customer’s demand or as per jewelry design, a necklace requires large stones as compared to earrings and rings.

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On the other hand, a bracelet requires small stones. Gem cutter uses machines or tools to calibrate stones. They are calibrated in such a way that they can be easily fitted in bezel cups. Usually, they are cut as per three measures, design, weight and shape.

The process is not easy and requires focus and hours to work after calibration stones are polished and fitted into the jewelry. One most important thing is that calibration doesn’t decrease the value of the gemstone, instead, it only adds value to it and a calibrated stone includes the service fee, thus it is expensive.

The stones are available in different sizes in all shapes, such as round stone comes from 2mm to 15 mm size, a Pear shape will be between 5*3 mm to 20*15 mm, Oval would be 5*3 mm to 20*15 mm and Octagon is between 5*3 mm to 30*22 mm. Other common shapes are pear cut, Marquise cut, heart shape, Trillion cut, scissors cut, half moon cut, and antique cut.

Earlier this process used to take a lot of time but thanks to technology nowadays it takes lesser time as compared to back then hats off to the team of miners, gem cutters, artists, designers, jewelers, and retailers for bringing such beauties to the jewelers world which is perfect worn with love by the humans.

The Last Word

Currently rubies, emeralds and diamonds are in trend and you can find them studded in basic jewelry to wedding jewelry. These calibrated stones are high in demand and are the most commonly used stones in jewelry pieces.  Do you know you can also buy such stones at only stores? So do shop them from any online or retail store and pamper yourself with glitter and glimmer stones.

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So, this was all about the gemstone world. If you are about to buy the one please keep in mind all the things. Make sure the stone you are about to buy is of the right value.

 Stay tuned for more such content. Good day!!



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